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Epic and User Story Notion Template

Epic and User Story Template (Basic)
Use this simple but effective template to create the Epic and User Story pairing of your dreams. Easily keep all of the details of your Epic in one place, assign your particular team members to your Epic, as well as generating and keeping track of all your user stories in the list below.

I use both of these templates in my day to day work and find it extremely helpful in communicating the kind of work I would like done by the team, the problem and solution space we are exploring, and ticking off all the user stories that need to be done by the end of the sprint.

Please read here for more instructions on using the basic template

NOTE: Purchasing the Basic version will ONLY provide you the epic and user story template WITHOUT the Kanban board or other artefacts in the Pro version of the template

Epic and User Story Template (Pro)

Additionally, for just an extra $2, you can group your newly written Epics and User Stories in a Kanban-board style database, that allows you to oversee, prioritise and manage the different initiatives that your team might be undertaking this year. The benefits of the pro template include:

  • Organise your initiatives according to epic, user story, status, timeline, sprints or responsible engineer;
  • Creating epics and user stories in a kanban style board for easier management and organisation;
  • The ability to prioritise and organise different user stories for an epic in an efficient, effortless and simple manner;
  • Use the epic calendar and sprint schedule to keep track of initiative deadlines and timelines; and
  • Align your team through collating, grouping and allocating user story tickets to your engineers.

In addition to the Kanban board, the Pro template also provides you the following personal touches:

  • Organise and keep your tasks in one spot, both for yourself and for your team.
  • Efficiently and effectively timebox your tasks using the built-in Pomodoro scheduler.
  • Manage, run and discuss discovery findings with your team with the built - in discovery research Notion template.
  • Capture and record any meetings you have with internal and external stakeholders using the built-in meetings journal.

Please read here and here for more instructions about the pro template

Thanks and I hope you find either the basic or pro template useful!

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Epic and User Story Notion Template

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